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Greenmount Spices Pvt. Ltd. is a trustworthy name in packaged food and condiments manufacturing industry. The brand has a remarkable place in the hearts of taste lovers in India and abroad.

Greenmount food products deliver taste that is just as fabulous as the brands native land Kerala. The company offers an extensive range of products essential for every Indian kitchen. Be amazed by the aroma and nutritious richness of each product while you prepare tasteful delicacies in your kitchen.


Put the joy of cooking

Greenmount has put the joy of cooking back into my life. I had never realized that preparing a family dinner could be such a pleasure and as such has turned out to be something I now look forward to doing every night.

Patricia W, Tenness, 19 Dec 2016

Creative recipes

I love Greenmount because the recipes are creative, yet easy to prepare. The grocery list is definitely a plus too. I have recipe books that sit there gathering dust because they aren't linked to a grocery list. I do plan on entering some of those recipes from Greenmount but I have plenty of recipes to choose from in the meantime

Kyle G., Missouri, 19 Dec 2016

Tempting, Time-Tested


By Greenmount
Pre time 2 Hr
Serves 2
Difficulty Easy
Pre time 1 Hr
Serves 3
Difficulty Easy
Pre time 2 Hr
Serves 2
Difficulty Medium